FVC Counsels Entrepreneurs in Successfully Structuring and Scaling Their Businesses

FVC Counsels Entrepreneurs in Successfully Structuring and Scaling Their Businesses

Entrepreneurs with great ideas have the potential to become the next Steve Jobs. However, the reality is that approximately 90% of new companies will fail, often due to poor structuring and ability to scale. Now Full Velocity Consulting has brought together the leading minds in C-Suite services, management, business structure, compliance, finance and more, to provide guidance for some of the most complicated and dynamic aspects of running a successful company.

“Entrepreneurs have a unique knack for identifying a market need with enormous earning potential,” said Julie Herzog, co-founder, Full Velocity Consulting. “However, to scale a venture effectively, it’s critical to have specialization across a top-tier team, including appropriate key talent in C-Suite positions, strategic positioning and organization, HR and finance. Full Velocity’s expert consultants bring over 12 decades of collective experience and years of cohesive engagements as a formal team, ensuring seamless consistent and proven value to clients. We want entrepreneurs to consider us the rocket fuel that will propel their businesses into the stratosphere.”

Full Velocity Consulting offerings include:

  • C-Suite Services: No one can effectively execute every aspect of a scaling venture without specialization across a top-tier team. With today’s skyrocketing compensation packages for key talent, the smarter strategy is to engage fractional expertise across functions. Full Velocity’s carefully curated team of expert guides can provide CFO and COO positions for your business.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Emerging companies often need a hand in ensuring that their day-to-day business complies with numerous regulatory regimes. In the CBD space, for example, the 2018 Farm Bill brought new opportunities for hemp as an agricultural commodity and new rules as individual states create their own hemp programs. Full Velocity Consulting offers compliance experts who are knowledgeable in a variety of regulatory regimes, including new regulations and laws relating to hemp/CBD and cannabis businesses, and can provide guidance for all stages of the business cycle, benefiting mature operations and start-ups equally by ensuring all are compliant with the latest list of laws and requirements affecting the hemp and cannabis industries.
  • Financial Consulting: Today’s fast-paced business environment is dynamic with ever-changing market and legal trends at multiple levels. Dealmaking in this environment can be challenging and risky. Full Velocity Consulting helps start-ups and medium sized companies connect to key partners and works strategically to structure partnerships in ways that keep clients protected. The Full Velocity Consulting team has worked on hundreds of M&A and financing transactions and knows what factors will make a deal successful and what can kill it. The experts at Full Velocity Consulting possess a thorough understanding of the financial and business implications of different deal structures and terms and the potential of alternative approaches, helping clients to be better positioned for stronger growth and the best possible exit at the highest valuation.
  • Employment Services: Managing a workforce can be one of the most critical aspects of scaling. Full Velocity services include, hiring and on-boarding employees, and drafting agreements, job descriptions and organizational charts, employee handbooks and personnel policies. Full Velocity Consulting also can train employees and managers on best practices for a range of HR issues.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawna McGregor at 917-971-7852 or shawna@themaverickpr.com.

Full Velocity Consulting: Helping You Start, Grow and Exit Your Venture Like a Hero

With more than 12 decades combined experience to assist growing and established businesses in navigating critical future developments, Full Velocity Consulting brings together the leading minds in C-Suite services, business structure, compliance, finance and more, to provide guidance for some of the most complicated and dynamic aspects of running a successful company. Our experts, many of whom have successfully grown and sold businesses themselves, provide guidance for strategic positioning, operational expertise, risk reduction strategies and solid advice to increase revenue and margins. For more information, visit our services page. Continue the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jennifer Tierney

Jennifer Tierney

Jennifer comes from a discipline of Operations, including Finance and Technology. Having worked in operational and financial management for more than fifteen years, Jen has a distinct set of skills and is known for complex analysis of operations, finance, and technology to improve core business strategies.

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