C-Suite Services:

Financial & Accounting Services

Financial & Accounting Services

Financial Consulting

At Full Velocity, we can provide you with an experienced CFO to provide services to your organization on a part-time basis. We are able to offer your company the expertise and experience of a high-end CFO without the cost—salary, benefits, and bonuses—of hiring that person as a full-time employee. Our services can be uniquely tailored to your company’s specific needs, challenges, and goals. Full Velocity partners with your company to help overcome financial challenges, achieve growth, optimize strategy, implement systems, raise capital, or navigate an audit or transaction.

We often are brought into an organization to help with financial challenges that the company’s existing team does not have either the skills or the manpower to overcome. In many cases, a company does not have an in-house CFO, but occasionally our team partners with an existing CFO or finance department to act as a partner or advisor or helps lead separate projects such as raising capital or navigating an audit.

Our Full Velocity fractional CFO is often brought into a company to help overcome specific financial challenges such as:

Accounting Services

When you’re launching a new company, you face a lot of immediate tasks. And the last thing you probably want is to spend a lot of time and effort on laborious and time-consuming accounting practices. Yet this business area is one that can make or break any company, especially ones just getting started.

Full Velocity Consulting’s team of experts can provide a range of temporary and on-demand accounting services that companies need in order to function daily and thrive both today and in the future.

Our flexible and fractional services can scale with any organization and include: