Liz Hartsel Discusses ‘Employment Law 101’

Liz Hartsel Discusses ‘Employment Law 101’


Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, and when entrepreneurs reach the point where they need to hire employees, a whole new set of obligations arise.

Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves woefully underprepared in this arena–and through no fault of their own! Entrepreneurs are focused on being visionaries and selling their products and services.

Litigation attorney and Partner at Fortis Law Partners Liz Hartsel discusses what you should know to protect your business in ‘Employment Law 101’ for

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Jennifer Tierney

Jennifer comes from a discipline of Operations, including Finance and Technology. Having worked in operational and financial management for more than fifteen years, Jen has a distinct set of skills and is known for complex analysis of operations, finance, and technology to improve core business strategies.

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