FVC Fractional Financial, Accounting, and Compliance Services Can Help Companies Affected by COVID-19

FVC Fractional Financial, Accounting, and Compliance Services Can Help Companies Affected by COVID-19

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, times are challenging for practically all businesses. Customers have disappeared, staffing is problematic under shelter-in-place orders, and important financial decisions loom as the world waits to see just how severe – and how long – the current economic upheaval might be. 

Full Velocity Consulting’s fractional services can help businesses grappling with these and myriad other challenges brought by the novel coronavirus and the stringent public responses to it. Our outsourced services cover a range of crucial business needs, from CFO oversight to accounting help to compliance and COO duties.  We help companies that are too early in their lifecycle to have these services in house, and also companies that have, for whatever reason, had to reduce in house staff, but still have ongoing financial, accounting, and compliance needs.

Just a few of our outsourced, on-demand services of particular note during this public-health response:

  • CFO services for financial planning and forecasting, especially in the face of long-term economic challenges or company cutbacks related to COVID-19
  • Short-term help with raising capital, even in markets where equity sources are sparse because of global economic uncertainty related to coronavirus
  • Account clean-up and analysis, Bookkeeping, Payroll processing, Processing of accounts payable and receivable, Maintaining monthly contractual obligations
  • Expert guidance on making hard decisions about the right staff-reduction moves as needed should the pandemic continue to cause economic fallout
  • Compliance oversight to avoid costly financial penalties from non-compliance
  • COO duties to accomplish the everyday operational duties, even by companies adversely affected by staff, material and customer shortages

These are only a few of the outsourced services provided by Full Velocity Consulting’s expert team. We can help guide any company grappling with evolving business dynamics created by the global spread of COVID-19. For more information on how FVC can help your organization during this challenging time, contact Trent Sutton at tsutton@fullvelocity.com.

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Jennifer comes from a discipline of Operations, including Finance and Technology. Having worked in operational and financial management for more than fifteen years, Jen has a distinct set of skills and is known for complex analysis of operations, finance, and technology to improve core business strategies.

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